everything is more fun in a group...


Looking for a quick headshot update? Some last-minute Linkedin shots? Dance and Lifestyle photos? I got you! The Group Headshot experience is built for individuals on a budget who feel great in a supportive, community setting. In groups of 5 over the course of three hours, each participant gets two 20-minute sessions with me to create whatever their heart desires, and end up with 5 edited images. Check out what past participants have to say...


"McKenna did an incredible job at establishing a supportive & fun environment to get some authentic, gorgeous shots! I think the structure fits the current pricing model, and the group price is very reasonable!"

~ Colette March (they/she)


"McKenna is so lovely to shoot with! She’s committed to getting the shots that make you feel and look like your best self...if you know what you want & just go for it it’s really a great option for new photos"

~ Ashley Justice (she/her)

"McKenna created a very safe and warm environment to have headshots done in. They worked in an efficient way but I never felt rushed in the process. They were encouraging and had great ideas for different shots. I was so happy during the shoot and even happier with the outcome of the photos"

~ Aiden Ankli (she/her)

"It was nice to have encouragement from my peers in addition to the reaffirmation of McKenna. It is so important to make one another feel comfortable and confident. The dynamic was super fun and open! McKenna enforcers such a vibe that is specific to your personality. The shoot was a community of intersectionality."

~ Tyqaun White (he/him)


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Next Group Headshot Session is scheduled for April 10, 2022 @ 11am!

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