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welcome! let's answer some questions!

what are your rates?

shoot me a message on my bookings page! as a performer and artist myself, I understand how expensive photos can be. I work with my clients to make sure that they are getting what they want at a price they can afford; payment plans are available! 

where do you shoot?

right now, I shoot out of my personal space in Washington Heights. I can also shoot on-location per request! Let's work together to find somewhere you love.

what color backgrounds do you have?

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can i have my unedited photos?

the short answer is no. photos really come to life in the editing process. to release the unedited photos, I'm putting work out that isn't at its best, which no one wants. I'm happy to edit additional photos at a very low rate, and an even further discount should you want several! this also allows me to keep my prices low for my clients. the gallery of proofs is always available for you to look back on should you decide you want more photos in the future, or even next week.

do you include hair & makeup?

my rates don't include HMU, but I have a roster of wonderful artists that I can connect you with! Makeup and grooming are so important to the headshot process, and I encourage getting this service provided for all my headshot and professional clients.

do you offer discounts?

I try to keep my rates as low as I possibly can so that they are both accessible to my clients and can sustain me full-time! That being said, it really is on a case-by-case basis. 

For performers of color, as a way of reparations, I do provide 1 free Mini Headshot Session a month (as I can). I have a running list of clients that I am working through as I am available. If you would like to join this list or learn more, please contact me privately.

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